Data Security

At B2BSphere we make it a priority to keep the client data safe through a defined system of vigorous security practices. Below are some of the reasons why we can confidently assure you that your data will be secure with B2BSphere.

Secure Data Centers
At B2BSphere we store our data with some of the most reputable data centers on the market today, such as Amazon AWS. These data centers are both certified with ISO/IEC 27001:2005, SAS70 Type II compliance as well as the PCI DSS Level 1 compliance. If you want to find out more about the security practices at these data centers read here for AWS.

Encrypted Data
To maximize secure data handling and storage, we encrypt all data processed through B2BSphere. Our encryption techniques are highly-developed to ensure that our data is processed in the most secure manner and protected from all threats.

Strict Access Controls
To further ensure that your date is securely stored and processed, we employ a wide range of strict access controls. One of the access controls includes provisioning, which results in our employees being granted the lowest level of system access relevant to their job function.

A further access control we are using is that our employees are unable to decrypt your encrypted account data.

Strict Access Controls
To always ensure that our data security measures are successfully, we employ an active vulnerability reporting program. Through this program we ensure to actively seek any possible vulnerability in the system, and report them. To find out more about our vulnerability reporting procedures read here. At B2BSphere, we want you to be confident in our trustworthiness, and for this reason we have strong partnerships with one of the most reliable names on the market Amazon AWS.
B2BSphere holds the official positions of a AWS APN Technology Partnership.

Dedicated To Meet Your Data Security Needs
At B2BSphere, we take full responsibility for your data security, and we are always proactive to improve and develop our systems and procedures. If you want more information on our security measures, you are welcome to read our Data Security Statement or email us at We thrive on our transparency, and we can provide you with further information and insight into our policies and procedures.

At B2BSphere, we value our customers and their loyalty to us and will make sure our product and service is running forever. We do understand the concerns, that being a startup, there is always a questions about life-expectancy.startups get acquired or die. We want to pledge that our product and service is running and continuity plans are well thought out. So in any situation, customers can export data in a non-proprietary format, which can be moved to any new platform.